Industry Interview: Lee Harman 


Name, age and birthplace?

Lee Harman, age 35 and birthplace Steyning (a small town in the south east of England), West Sussex, England.


What are your responsibilities and what are you currently working on? 

I currently work for the Skanska Costain Strabag Joint Venture of the S1 section of HS2.  I am the S1 Construction Manager leading a team to devise the methods we will use to construct the S1 section of HS2.


How long have you been in the mining/tunneling industry and what has been most challenging?  

I have been in the Civil Engineering infrastructure industry for 14 years, constructing various assets such as rail and highway viaducts and railway over and underground structures.


Can you tell us how you are involved in London Bridge Associates? 

London bridge Associates have provided consultants to support the delivery of the projects I have been involved in.


You have tried our VR Shotcrete Simulator, can you see a potential for using it in the industry and why?

Yes, and I won a competition between a number of colleagues and associates.  It is clearly well thought out, and I can see great use for training those directly involved in the undertaking of sprayed concrete but also for giving others surrounding the project an appreciation of the work of spraying concrete.


How do you think the industry will look like in the future?

I can see a day where those involved in delivering infrastructure projects are utilising robotics more and more, and from a position of greater safety where negative potential impacts to health are eliminated.