Boliden is a mining and smelting company with production in Sweden, Finland and Ireland. The company operates the biggest zinc mine in Europe, Tara mines. To ensure that Boliden´s shotcrete operators are well-trained and efficient, the company has started a certification course that is conducted by Edvirt and are currently being held in the Boliden area, close to Skellefteå, Sweden. The course gives the operators knowledge through theory, lab tests and simulation training. 


”Our goals are to increase the quality of sprayed concrete and utilize the shotcrete better at Boliden´s UG mines. To achieve these set out goals, Boliden is working in collaboration with Edvirt to offer shotcrete training for both new and old nozzlemen in order to increase their knowledge, competence and skills within the area of shotcreting. The results are positive”.
- Ike Ubaka, Shotcrete Specialist, Boliden Area


Boliden certification_new.png