The ESCOT™ certification is a standard created by Edvirt AB back in 2012. It is a proof that persons have gone through and passed a standardized sprayed concrete operator training program. The program includes both theory and practice and operators are evaluated objectively on their skills.


The certificate is valid for 5 years.


The program's theory module includes the following subjects:

  • The purpose of sprayed concrete

  • The purpose of training sprayed concrete operators

  • Rock and ground support

  • Concrete technology

  • Spraying equipment

  • Application and spraying technique

  • Health, safety and environment

The theory can be done online through Edvirt Online Academy™ or in a classroom format. The theory is specified to take approximately 8 hours to finish including a test with 20 questions. Attendees need at least 75 % correct answers to pass the test and theory module. 

The practical module includes training and tests with a sprayed concrete simulator (VR Shotcrete Simulator™), that has been scientifically validated by an independent body (University of Technology in Luleå). The operators need to show that they are qualified by passing 17 assignments within the following fields:

  • Startup and shutdown procedure

  • Safe spraying (operator position, avoiding fall-outs etc.)

  • Use of remote control and robot maneuvering

  • Spraying angle and distance

  • Concrete adhesion and rebound

  • Pump and accelerator dosage

  • Preparation and washing rock surface

  • Spraying small and large areas

  • Thickness control and waste minimization

  • Systematic spraying

  • Time-limited spraying

  • Corner spraying

The practical module is specified to take 16-40 hours dependent on the skill level of the attendee. The attendee needs to finish all assignments to pass the practical module. 


The following organizations are accredited to certify persons through the ESCOT™ training program:

  • Edvirt AB

  • Edvirt Australia Pty Ltd.

  • Atlas Copco Rock Drills AB
    (certificate equivalent to "MEYCO Concrete Sprayer Simulator Training - Silver Level")

  • Putzmeister Ibérica S.A.
    (certificate equivalent to "SPM 500 Wetkret Operator Certification")

  • Jacon Technologies Pty Ltd.