Industry Interview:
Kent Nilsson

Kent N.png

Name, age and birthplace (introduction)

I´m Kent Nilsson, 47 years old, born and raised in Malmberget.


Current work?

My current work is with LKAB as a miner trainer. Preparation, drilling, scaling, rock support, bolting, shotcrete and blasting.


How long have you been in the mining/tunneling industry?

I finished school in 1988 and came in contact with LKAB. My plan was to stay at LKAB for awhile and then continue with studies. That was 30 years ago. So I haven´t left LKAB except for in 2015 when i was teaching at Välkomma school.

It felt natural to start in the mining industry since I was born in a mining town. My father also worked at LKAB.


How long have you been working together with Edvirt?

I think we started the cooperation in 2010/2011 when we started looking at simulators for training purpose. We helped them with various input during development.
The simulator is great and we´ve had very positive feedback from LKAB´s operators. We also have an internal certification that includes simulator training.


How come you chose to set up an internal certifiction?

We have to try to get our coworkers to realize the importance of applying shotcrete in a correct way. It lowers the costs and it´s important that you don´t apply too thick or too thin layers. We focus on quality.