Run C2 courses

EFNARC encourages all eligible Examiners to arrange and run EFNARC C2 courses!

The requirements (written in ENC C2 V1.0 2019-05-02) to become a certified Examiner, performing C2 courses, are to:

  • Register, using this online application, with EFNARC if the Examiner attended his examiner course during or later than 2016.

  • Examiners that attended their examiner course earlier than 2016 need to have performed at least three (3) Nozzleman assessments before May 2019, or else they will have to retake the examiner course or attend an equivalent one offered by EFNARC.

After submitting the application, someone from EFNARC will be in contact with the applicant to confirm the certification. There are no certificates or similar issued to certified Examiners, merely a registration in EFNARC’s system.



Start by reading the EFNARC C2 Training and Certification plan - this will give you general information about how to perform the course and get individuals certified.


Participant registration
Use the following online registration form to register all participants. This needs to be done prior to performing Module 2, but of course also before EFNARC can issue any certificates to individuals.


EFNARC Examiners can freely set the price when offering and performing C2 courses. EFNARC will however charge a fee for the certificate evaluation process and the issuing of certificates. EFNARC currently charges (TBA) EUR per individual for this. The Examiner will be charged the amount if nothing else is agreed between the Examiner and EFNARC.

Note that Examiners also should account costs for performing Module 2 and Module 3.

Course Modules

Module 1
During Day 1 of the course, use the “Nozzleman Certification Scheme Course Notes” which can be found at to run Module 1 - Theory session. You also need to research if there are local/project rules and regulations concerning sprayed concrete which are suitable to bring forward during the session.

Module 2
At the end of Day 5 of the course, participants should perform Module 2 - Theory exam. Register the participants (see “Participant registration”) and contact EFNARC in order to get email invites or codes to perform the exam. The exam can be accessed here.

The price for Module 2 is (TBA) EUR per individual. The Examiner will be charged the amount if nothing else is agreed between the Examiner and EFNARC. If an individual fails an exam, then it can be re-taken one time free of charge.

Module 3
During Day 2-4 participants are performing Module 3 - Training and assessments on VR-simulators. EFNARC collaborates with VR-simulator providers which have gone through and passed an EFNARC C2 certification process. Please contact the providers directly in order to plan a course. See contact details at the page showing the list of providers.

The price for renting VR-simulators and possible the hire of Instructors are quoted directly by the provider and will depend on the where the course should be held, agreed schedule, number of participants etc.

Module 4

Use the following form when performing Module 4 - Practical session, during Day 5. One form per participant. Once filled in, please send the form to for revision and storing.

Module 5
Individuals that have gone, or will go through, an EFNARC C2 course also need to demonstrate at least 40 days of practical robotic spraying experience to be able to obtain the final certificate. This is done by submitting sufficient documentation to EFNARC. It doesn’t matter if the experience is gained prior to or after the course.

This example document, when filled in, provides all the necessary information needed by EFNARC to evaluate individuals’ experience. Once received from the individual or his/her employer, send the document, or one containing similar information, to for revision and storing.

Simulator providers

Please find a list of certified VR-simulator providers here.