EFNARC C2 has been established to create a standardised qualification framework that combines both training and assessment of both novice operators and experienced Nozzlemen.


Given the fast development of modern robotic spraying equipment and new purpose tailored mix designs, continuous training is vital in sprayed concrete operations, regardless of whether spraying is conducted by a novice operator or an experienced Nozzleman. The EFNARC C2 has therefore been established to create a standardised qualification framework that combines both training and assessment. As robotic sprayed concrete is increasingly being used in tunnelling and mining operations globally, the industry needs to attract new talent and provide means for novice operators to be trained and become certified as future Nozzlemen. EFNARC C2 was therefore established to address these growing needs and to promote the EFNARC standard in projects around the world.

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The EFNARC C2 also incorporates the latest Virtual-Reality "VR" technology for training and assessment. Using this technology is very efficient, cost effective, and above all ensures a safe training environment. The use of VR enables a clear and objective assessment of individual's performance. EFNARC C2, therefore, maintains consistent grounds of objective assessment for all operators. EFNARC also cooperates with VR training providers to continuously ensure closeness to reality and best practice examples. The EFNARC C2 is intended to work as a good complement to the existing EFNARC Nozzleman Certificate and assessments and will fulfil a lot of the needs required by today's tunnelling clients and mining companies around the world. There are no prerequisites for individuals before attending an EFNARC C2 Course. A basic understanding about underground construction works, machine operations, related risks and concrete technology is advantageous.

The EFNARC C2 concept is being championed by Eric Odkrans and Michael Kompatscher who are members of the EFNARC Executive Committee.

Eric Odkrans

Email: eric.odkrans@efnarc.org
Mob no: +46 737-66 26 37

Michael Kompatscher

Email: mkompatscher@hagerbach.ch
Mob no: +41 81 734 14 10