In order to increase safety and ensure quality , Trafikverket (The Swedish Transport Administration) requires all operators performing bolting operations in the E4 Stockholm Bypass (E4 Förbifart Stockholm) and West Link (Västlänken) projects to undergo a training course focused on bolting in order to attain a certification. Edvirt® in cooperation with Bergutbildarna who are accredited by Trafikverket provides the course regularly at various locations.

Trafikverket will certify all participants that goes through and passes the course, including both theory and practical parts.  All course participants, no matter experience, get a course certificate.


The course is aimed at operators, supervisors or persons in managing positions. The course meets the requirements from The Swedish Transport Administration as stipulated in their educational plan. 

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Edvirt® and partner offer a 8-hour course. The goal with the course is to ensure that people have the necessary basic knowledge to perform bolting with good quality and provide understanding of the broader issues beyond the actual procedure of installing a bolt. After completion of the course participants must be informed with the risks involved with bolting, which provides the prerequisites to perform this work with a good working environment.

The course is held in Stockholm and Gothenburg and all course material and literature is provided. Lectures are held by Bergutbildarna who are accredited by Trafikverket to perform bolting courses.

For more information, please contact Edvirt® at, +46 (0)31 47 77 47.

Operators, supervisors, production managers

Stockholm and Gothenburg

8 hours

5 000 SEK excl. VAT